Working with wood for the past 35 years has been a consistent pleasure. With all the challenges of delivering a quality product, the beauty of a finished piece is its own reward. Wood is an ancient material that has been worked by people since the earliest recordings of humans. I believe that people respond to wood from a primitive instinct that is integral to our survival.

My cutting boards were originally designed in an attempt to utilize scrap woods that were being tossed in the dumpster where I worked.  I climbed in,  picked out the scrap and created my first cutting boards as gifts for family in the 80's.  That theme continues today.


For the past 10 years I have worked from my small woodshop, which I built next to my home in East Tennessee.  Nestled in the woods between the Clinch and Smokey Mountains provides the perfect setting to return to handcrafted custom woodworking.  An old tobacco barn provides ample storage for an incredible variety of wood.  Scrap wood from just one manufacturer in East Tennessee approaches 70 different species.  I transform wood considered too small for any practical use, ultimately making these cutting boards a green product.  These boards are built with an Arts and Crafts theme--linear symmetry.  

My furniture includes traditional proud mortise and tenon, live edge, design contrast and contour-- incorporating a contemporary twist on Arts and Crafts Furniture.

Arts and Crafts Furniture and Cutting Boards